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Listen to Food Psych #149: The Truth About Binge Eating with Amy Pershing

Listen to Bodywise Founder Amy Pershing, a nationally recognized expert in BED treatment, talk about treatment and recovery on "The Body Politic" radio show:

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Our Program                                                                                             

Recovery is possible! Our program is tailored uniquely to every person because everyone's recovery is different. Understanding the underlying causes of BED, and the role food plays in your life, is essential to change. Psychological, historical, genetic and cultural factors may all play a role, and each needs to be addressed to create lasting change.

Our program helps clients understand the craving to overeat, recognize and manage binge triggers, heal underlying issues, and learn to eat and exercise mindfully and joyfully. Starting with an initial consultation, we can determine what combination of services best meets your needs. Please check out our services and events pages, or contact us for more information!

"Interview with Bodywise Founder and BED expert Amy Pershing on the recovery process and her own journey with BED"

Bodywise is offered in Ann Arbor in conjunction with The Center for Eating Disorders. Founded in 1983, CED offers a comprehensive outpatient services for anorexia, bulimia, and related eating and body image disorders. Please visit us at www.center4ed.org.