Bodywise is a treatment program designed specifically for recovery from binge eating and Binge Eating Disorder. It is the only program of its kind, combining a variety of services to help people develop new patterns with food, and better ways to cope with their lives. Binge eaters rarely recover alone; Bodywise provides the interventions needed to begin to put food back into its proper perspective, and create lifelong healthy patterns of eating.

The first step of the program is an Initial Consultation. At this appointment, you will meet one-on-one with a therapist to determine if our program is the right fit for you. From there, we can decide what combination of services best suits your needs. Bodywise offers a variety of services, many of which are covered by insurance. Every effort is made to work with referring doctors, clinicians, or nutritionists to coordinate services.

Initial Consultation

The best first step. This allows a clinician to determine if the program is appropriate for you, and what services best suit your needs. If Bodywise is not right for you, a referral can be made. Please call or email for an appointment or for more information. If appropriate, assessments can be done via Skype.

Individual Therapy

For many binge eaters, there are a variety of issues, both past and present, which contribute to their eating behavior. These issues need in-depth attention to be resolved. For many, individual therapy is crucial to permanent behavior change. If appropriate, assessments can be done via Skype.

Nutrition Counseling

This is not just another dietician telling you what to eat; our nutritionists approach to eating is centered on creating alternatives to dieting. Diets don’t work for compulsive or binge eaters. Finding the right balance between structure and intuitive eating is crucial and different for everyone. Our nutritionists also work with special dietary and health concerns, such as diabetes and heart disease.

My Body, Myself Workshops

Designed for binge eaters, My Body, Myself is a half-day intensive workshop designed to help people with body image. This is a central issue to recovery; without good body image, people will not value their bodies enough to make the changes they desire. If hating your body brought about change, it would have worked by now! My Body, Myself is offered several times throughout the year.

Parent and Caregiver Consultations

If you have questions about how to best approach your child or teen about binge eating, body image issues, we can help. Please call for details.

Couples and Family Therapy

Often those closest to us can be of significant help in the recovery process. Or perhaps these relationships might benefit from new skills, and a deeper understanding of the role BED plays in the life of the client. You and your therapist can determine how to best involve those most important in your support system.

Did You Know...

Many people are not sure if they need treatment to deal with binge eating. Below are the symptoms most often present in BED:

  • Eating more rapidly than normal
  • Eating until feeling uncomfortably full
  • Eating large amounts of food when not hungry
  • Secretive eating
  • Feeling disgusted, depressed or guilty after binge
  • Grazing
  • Mood issues, including depression and anxiety
  • Difficulty expressing needs
  • Past history of trauma
  • Possible significant weight gain, or repeated gains and losses
  • Social anxiety

If these symptoms are present in your life more than occasionally, it is likely that treatment could be of benefit!

The Bodywise Program helps you:

Understand why BED is part of your life
Heal and let go of roadblocks to change
Learn to understand, recognize, and meet your needs
Let go of the diet paradigm for good
Take the judgment out of food
Challenge your obsessive “inner dieter”
Find food satisfaction
Know emotional vs. physical hunger
Move in a way that is true to you
Accept and respect your unique body