Podcasts and Interviews

Please check out the podcasts, conferences, and other online information below from our Founding Director, Amy Pershing.

The Recovery Journey Summit

Amy Pershing joins other top leaders in the eating psychology field to share wisdom in a virtual event. In these online interviews, you’ll get the best tips, ideas, and strategies for breaking free.

Food Psych #149: The Truth About Binge Eating with Amy Pershing

Amy Pershing joins Christy Harrison to discuss how our fatphobic culture hinders eating disorder recovery, how diet culture steals our personal power, the healing that can be found in getting angry, the role of restriction and trauma in binge eating, and so much more!

My past trauma keeps me bingeing (with Amy Pershing)

Listen to Julie Duffy Dillon’s podcast episode with special guest Amy Pershing as she helps guide listeners along their recovery journey so that they can begin their healing process from trauma.

Dietitians Unplugged Podcast - Binge Eating Disorder

In this episode, Aaron and Glenys interviewed two leaders in the Binge Eating Disorder (BED) and Health at Every Size® community, Amy Pershing and Chevese Turner to discuss their new book Binge Eating Disorder: A Journey to Recovery and Beyond.